Classica Gold Cookeare Benefits

Classical Gold Cookware Benefits

Classica Gold is Better Nutrition, Promoting Good Health and Well-Being

Cooking with Classica eliminates the need to drain nutrient depleting water that would send vitamins and minerals down the drain. When cooking with the combination of the Temp Tone Control, it’s vapor seal, and low heat – foods baste in their own juices and oxidation is then kept at a minimum.

Classica® cookware is constructed to enable you to cook without added fats and oils.

Through the proper use of the Classica® Gold cookware you are working to address the health concerns of you and your family.

Classica Gold’s Stack Cooking: Simplifies Meal Preparation

Prepare entire meals on a single burner. 

Classica Gold is Convenience

  • Our products are easy to use and easy to clean

Classica Gold is Economic

  • Energy efficient – with its minimum heat requirement and ability to "stack cook"
  • Eliminates shrinking – therefore less food is consumed and/or required to purchase

Classica Gold is Nutrition

  • Reduces fat intake – no need for added fats or oils because food is basting in it’s own juices
  • Retains nutrients – since we aren’t boiling them in excessive water nutirents are neither drained or being evaporated

Classica Gold is Taste

  • Retains natural food flavors

Classica Gold is Service

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Classica Gold Saves Time and Money

  • Saving fuel is economically and environmentally friendly. Low heat cooking reduces energy consumption.

low heat cooking reduces energy consumption

Classica Gold Products are Ideal for Use on Any Cooking Surface

Electric, gas, induction, and ceramic glass.

suitable for any cooking surface

Space-Saving Storage

Self-storing covers allow stacking; uses minimal cupboard space.

Classica Gold Stackable Cookware

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