How We Started…

Nontoxic Wellness (then known as Nutrimax Organic) was established in 2006.

Prior to this, Edwin Low, the founder, who is also our editor in charge and nutritional consultant, has spent time in research culminating to the completion of the health book entitled “Stop Your Health Being Stolen”.

The book was published in Taiwan in 2004, and the simplified Chinese version was published in China in April 2008. We’re currently working on the English version of the book.

This book details the shortfalls of modern diet: highly processed and de-natured “foods”, and examine each of the 10 essential components of healthy body: 3 major sources of calorie, vitamins and minerals, oils and fats, enzymes, dietary fibre, probiotics, air and water.

From July 2010 to end of 2012, Edwin was writing health column for the Chinese Health Weekly Newspaper published by Mediacorp, Singapore. You might want to visit his blog @

Edwin advocates periodical fasting and detoxification to support the body self renewal & healing process.

The establishment of Nontoxic Wellness Store is to showcase the ingredients required for a healthy living. To a new customer, this is just a healthy food store, however, this is also the plateform whereby regular internal and external workshops and talks are being conducted to promote the awareness.

To date, several hundred sessions of talks were conducted in the premises and other places, including schools, local universities and clubs, National Library, community centres, associations and other commercial settings.

Our Core Values

We emphasize the following whenever we speak to our customers:

1) Respect

2) Integrity

3) Service

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Our Purpose

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Nontoxic Wellness Revolution

Let’s embrace this new movement and together create a better future for our next generation.