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A-Yuan Organic Hand-Made Soaps

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Organic Lemon Soap
Lemon has an excellent natural ability to kill bacteria. It works well in removing old cells, lightening pigmentation, tightening pores, and gives the complexion a beautiful shine. Works well for removing old cells, lightening pigmentation, tightening pores, giving the omplexiona beautiful shine.

Organic Oat Soap
Natural cereal crops are highly nutritious and have a rather good effect on preventing dry and weak skin. Oats Soap has been supported by loyal users, especially atopic dermatitis patients who have extremely sensitive skin, or skin that is oily underneath but dry on the surface. Children, people with extremely sensitive skin, as well as women during and after pregnancy will find this soap useful

Wild Yellow Sage Soap
Encapsulating the merits of mugwort and patchouli,
yellow sage can make your skin appear tighter. When
used on the hair, it is no less effective than the Liquorice Hair Soap.
Skin appears tighter after use, can be used for eczema, damp toxin, itchiness; and also reduces swells, detoxifies, relieves rheumatic pains and colds and stops itchiness.

Sishen Chinese herbs Soap
The nature of Sishen Chinese herbs is warm and moisturising. Its rich starch content leaves your skin smooth after wash. Its ingredient, Chinese angelica,
can reduce swelling, stop pain, purge pus and boost the muscles, regardless of oral consumption or external application. Serving as an anti-oxidant, its extract can
also reduce skin darkening and pigments formation, and increases the skin’s ability to fade melanin.

Wild Mugwort Soap
Many plant experts have proven that mugwort oil can fight against eczema and itch cause by ringworm. This soap is the best-seller of A-Yuan Soap. Gentle wash for those who get acne, atopic dermatitis and eczema on the chest, back and cheeks; also suitable for those with strong body odour.

Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap
It can reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally. This soap is created for those who develop prickly heat easily and whose skin is too oily and dull. For people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes inflammation, allergic skin and athlete’s foot; also kills bacteria, stops itchiness and heals wounds.

Organic Mung bean & Job’s tears Soap
Mung bean works better than vitamins C and E in improving the condition of pigmentation, freckles and ugly spots. Job’s tears are useful for esquamative and rough skin. Especially suitable for people who always wear make-up and those who go under the sun frequently, as well as those who itch easily after shower.

Liquorice hair Soap
There are many uses for liquorice. Its aqueous solution
which has a weak foamability is a natural surfactant.
It is strong in inhibiting bacteria growth and inflammation. Raw ginger and pine essential oils have long been proven to be able to fight seborrhea and dandruff. It is also useful in reversing the process of balding. It is significantly effective in promoting cutaneous perspiration and simulating local circulation.

Wild Patchouli Soap
Patchouli is a kind of herb that has been traditionally used to clear inflammation, dissipate heat, detoxify and clear bruises. For people who have bumpy skin, acnes and pimples, have hand eczema, athlete’s foot or sensitive skin.

Cypress Soap
Cypress grows on mountains stretching as high as
1,800m to 2,800m above sea level. It secretes an
essential oil that has a powerful ability to kill bacteria. Works well for acne, pimple, nappy rash, bed sore, erythema, sebum secretion, itchy scalp, skin inflammation, allergic skin and athlete’s foot; also kills bacteria, stops itchiness and heals wounds.

Eucalyptus Soap
Eucalyptus benefits the respiratory system significantly through breathing. If you are mentally exhausted, it helps to refresh your mind and aids concentration. Good for the skin, eases athlete’s foot, insect bites, rashes and the clogging of pores.

Mandarin Orange Soap
Besides serving the functions of removing cellulite, killing bacteria and gently whitening the skin, it can also wake up the mind and adjust despondency and pressure – something which many people need nowadays.

Auspicious Soap
Among these ingredients, artemisias has the most comprehensive kind energy. It is among the very few natural anti-bacterial plants that can purify the body and mind and also benefit the complexion and health.

Forest Pine Soap
The skin will show signs of life’s pressure and anxiety. It needs relaxation and quietness through which only can the biological mechanism of self-healing be activated.

Laundry Soap
It uses edible plant oil, and is free of petrified ingredients, surfactants, whitening agents and chemical essence.. Suitable for undergarments, brassieres, baby clothes, pillowcases, socks, towels, handkerchiefs, tableware, nursing bottles, nipples.

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