Grain Milk in Powder Form

Full Healthy Organic Almond Milk Powder

Full Healthy Organic Black Sesame Milk Powder

Full Healthy Organic Five-Grain Milk Powder

Fulll Healthy Organic Oat Milk Powder

Full Healthy Organic Red Job's Tears Milk Powder

Full Healthy Organic Rye Milk Powder

Full Healthy Organic Soy Milk Powder

Full Healthy Assorted Milk Pack

Full Healthy's Organic Mission

Yuan Hao 26 Grain Milk Powder

Yuan Hao 5 Grain Milk Powder

Yuan Hao 4 Grain Milk Powder

Yuan Hao 3 Grain Milk Powder

Yuan Hao Almond Milk Powder

Yuan Hao Gingko Oat Milk Powder

Yuan Hao Lotus Rhizome Milk Powder

Yuan Hao Oat Milk Powder

Yuan Hao Red Job's Tear Milk Powder

Yuan Hao Soy Milk Powder

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Grain Milk

Grain milk is a milk substitute that can be made from oatsspeltriceryeeinkorn wheat or quinoa.

Compared to cow's milk, grain milk has a lower protein content (soy milk perhaps an exception) and a higher carbohydrate content than cow's milk.

Grain milk is low in saturated fat and contains no lactose, which is beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant. Grain milk also lacks milk protein, making it suitable for vegans and people with milk allergies.

Featured below are some of the grain milks we have in our physical store @ Golden Landmark, Singapore:

Bonsoy Soymilk
Bonsoy Soymilk

Oat Milk
Bio AvenaDrink Oat Milk

Quinoa Milk
EcoMil Quinoa Milk

Rice Milk
Bio Rice Drink Natural

Rice Milk Almonds
Bio Rice Drink with Almonds Added

Rice Milk with Chocolate
Bio RiceDrink Chocolate

Silk Soya Milk
Silk Soymilk Vanilla

Silk Soya Milk Original
Silk Soymilk Original

Silk Soymilk unsweetened
Silk Organic Soymilk Unsweetened

Soy drink organic
Bio SoyaDrink Natural












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